What You Will Learn in These Tutorials

Following is a brief description of the tutorials that ship with character studio. They won't teach you everything there is to know, but they will get you started and provide a strong foundation for your knowledge of the software.

The Cast of Characters

In some tutorials, you will work with the default biped armature that you create quickly in character studio. For other tutorials, you will use some actual characters from productions created by animators at discreet.

You'll animate the character of Dr. X., the evil scientist from the game prototype "The Adventures of Tubby McChubb". Dr. X will walk, jump, flip, and slip, all at your command as you proceed through these lessons.

The Mad Scientist

You'll also use Tubby McChubbs to learn how to merge characters into your scene.

Tubby McChubbs

There's a Gumby-style construction worker who climbs a ladder. You'll use IK Blending and link controllers to animate the pool guy.

The pool guy climbing a ladder

And there is a beetle from the animation bugsnfrij.avi, that is used to teach you quadruped animation.

The beetle in the refrigerator