Tutorial 4: Animating Bipeds interacting with Objects

Lesson 5: Using In Place Mode

When you're animating a character who's moving through space it's hard to evaluate the motion when the character moves out of your view. You can use In Place mode to view the moving character.

Using In Place Mode

  1. Open cs3_tut04_inplace1.max.

  2. Play the animation.

    This is an animation of a biped running. You can see the entire animation but you're too far away to really see what is going on.

  3. At to frame 0, in the Left viewport, select the entire biped with a selection rectangle.

  4. Choose Zoom Extents Selected.

    The Left viewport zooms to frame the biped and you can see the pose clearly.

  5. Maximize the viewport by pressing W.

  6. Open the Motion panel.

  7. In the General rollout, turn on In Place mode.

  8. Play the animation in the Left viewport.

  9. While the animation is playing, press CTRL + R + V.

    This puts you into Arc Rotate mode. You can now rotate the viewport while the animation plays.

  10. Rotate the viewport around, while the biped is running so you can see the animation from all sides.

    Since you are using In Place mode, the biped remains in view and never leaves the frame.

    In Place Mode keeps the action in view.

    Tip: There are three navigation actions: Rotate, Pan and Zoom. Use the keyboard and mouse shortcuts to launch these without interrupting other operations. They are: