Tutorial 6: Working with Motion Capture Data

Three types of motion capture data are included with character studio 3:

Use Load Motion Capture File on the Motion Capture rollout to try your own filter settings on the raw motion capture data supplied with the product. Use it to filter and import motion capture data that you purchase or acquire and to loop any .bip file. Filter settings allow you to convert a footstep animation into a freeform animation and back again.

The supplied raw motion capture data is very similar to a BVH format: these files contain limb rotation information. You can also import motion capture marker (.csm) files, which contain marker position data. The extracts limb rotation data is extracted from the marker positions to create keys for the biped.

In this tutorial you'll do the following:


Reset 3DS MAX. Files for this tutorial are cstudio\tutorials\tutorial_6 directory in your 3DS MAX path.