Space Warp Behavior

Create panel > Helpers > Object Type rollout > Crowd > Setup rollout > New button > Space Warp Behavior

Select a Crowd object. > Modify panel > Setup rollout > New button > Space Warp Behavior

The Space Warp behavior lets you assign a space warp, such as wind or gravity, to a delegate or delegates. Any space warp that works with dynamics can be used with the Space Warp behavior.

In particular, use the Space Warp behavior to tie delegates to a Vector Field space warp, so that they avoid an object while following its contours.


To use the Space Warp behavior

  1. Add a space warp to the scene.

  2. Add a Space Warp behavior to the Crowd object.

  3. In the Space Warp Behavior rollout, use the None button to designate the space warp that will affect delegate motion.

  4. Change the default settings as desired.

  5. Use behavior assignments to assign the behavior to a delegate or team.


Space Warp Behavior rollout

None (label): Click this button, then select a space warp object.

Color Swatch: shows the color used to draw the Space Warp force vector during the solution. Click the box to choose a different color.

Display Force: When on, force exerted on the delegate(s) by the Space Warp behavior is drawn in the viewports as a vector during the simulation solution.