Tutorial 7: Skinning with Physique

Lesson 6: Scaling Characters with Physique

Files for this tutorial are in the cstudio\tutorials\tutorial_7 directory under your 3DS MAX directory.

  1. Load Tut_DrX_05.max.

    The biped is already in Figure mode. Use Figure mode when you scale a character.

  2. Select the biped.

  3. On the Motion panel, on the Structure rollout, change the height spinner to scale the character.

    The biped and mesh scale together.

To reinitialize the scaled mesh

This step is optional. Use these steps if you have to reinitialize for any reason.

  1. Disable physique or drop down in the modifier stack below Physique.

  2. Scale and move the mesh until it matches the biped or bones.

  3. Re-enable or go back to Physique. The mesh will get large because it is doubly scaled.

  4. Reinitialize with Initial Skeleton Pose.

    The mesh will shrink to the size you set during scaling.