Rubber-Banding the Center of Mass

When Rubber Band mode is active, you can move the biped's center of mass in relation to the rest of the body, changing the biped's overall balance. Rubber banding the center of mass defines your character's balance point in at-rest pose and in any resulting motion.

When a character is standing at rest, with feet side by side, the center of mass should be directly above the area where the feet touch the ground. The center of mass determines the center of your character's distribution of weight. For most characters, this is typically located near the pelvis.

Typical placements for the center of mass are:

Effects of Rubberbanding the Center Mass behind and before the biped

For a tutorial that uses this technique, see Creating the Illusion of Weight.

Balance Factor

Use Rubber Band mode to position the biped's center of mass in relation to the rest of the body. Then set the Balance Factor in the Key Info rollout to fine tune the biped's balance.

Balance Factor can be animated. If a character is sitting down and stands up, Balance Factor could change from 0 to the default of 1 to account for the shift in weight.

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