Prop Bone

The .csm marker file format now supports a prop bone in either or both hands. There are six additional markers for the top, bottom, and middle of the two props. If these tracks are detected, a 3DS MAX dummy object is created.

The length of the prop is the average distance between the top and bottom prop marker during animation. The prop will be oriented in the plane of the three prop markers, and its origin will be at the bottom prop marker.

The dummies will be named bip01prop, bip02prop, and so on. If a prop of that name already exists, its animation and size is reset upon loading of the .csm file. There is a checkbox in the Marker Display dialog for displaying the prop markers. The new prop track names are LPRPB, LPRPM, LPRPT, RPRPB, RPRPM, and RPRPT. These stand for left prop bottom, left prop top, left prop middle, right prop bottom, right prop top, and right prop middle. Track names can be altered via the .mnm file. The props don't have to have any relation to the left and right hands. For example, a prop could be a hat.