Preset Set Keys & Convert Bips

Customize Menu > Load Custom UI > CS3Tools.cui

After loading the Preset Set Keys custom UI you can record parameters and then use six set key buttons to apply the recorded parameters. The preset keys then provide one touch access to 6 key frame settings you use most when animating a biped. Only Key Info attributes of a Biped's motion are stored. Transformations are not stored. You can for example create a set key that has IK Blend set to 1 with Object space turned on and the interpolation tension set high.

Convert Bips allows you to preview or to convert many old .bip files from previous releases of the software into the current release. Conversion is done by simply reading and then writing each file. This process is identical to opening and saving Biped files through the standard UI.


Using Custom Keys

  1. On the Customize menu click Load Custom UI.

  2. Choose CS3Tools.cui

    Twelve colored buttons appear, six for recording parameters and six that apply the stored parameters.

  3. Select a single biped bone at a frame where a key exists and change parameters in the Key Info and IK Key Info rollouts.

  4. Click one of the six record icons.

    The record icons are circles with arrows. All parameters except position and rotation will be stored.

  5. Scrub to another key and click the matching set key button to apply the stored key parameters.

    Optionally hold down the SHIFT key when pressing the set key button to set only the selected keys on the selected biped bones.


Record/Set Keys: Icons with arrows record biped parameters in the Key Info and IK Key Info rollouts. The other icons apply the recorded parameters to the biped. By selecting multiple keys in the Track Bar and holding down the shift key and then clicking the Set Key button you can paste parameters onto selected multiple keys.

Transformations are not recorded.

Launch Preset Floater: Displays the preset floater. This is functionally identical to the Record/Set Keys control described above. The Show Presets show you the recorded parameters.

Convert Bips Floater

Convert Biped Motions: Turn on to convert .bip files.

Preview Biped Motions: Turn on to preview biped motions.

Select Source Folder: Browse for a folder with .bip files.

Select Destination Folder: Browse for a destination folder

Process Biped Files: Starts the conversion or preview process.