Tutorial 7: Skinning with Physique

Lesson 4: Fixing Possible Problem Areas: Shoulders and Pelvis

You may find problems in the mesh deformation of the shoulders, armpits, and pelvis. Slim characters are easier to set up than characters with large arms and thighs. Dr. X has slim arms and thighs, so the envelope setup is straightforward.


Load Tut_DrX_04. The character has animation. Use the time slider to see the mesh at different frames. Files for this tutorial are in the cstudio\tutorials\tutorial_7 under your 3DS MAX directory.

Correcting envelope overlap

  1. Make sure that the shoulder envelope encompasses the armpit area. The upperarm envelope should create a large overlap area with the shoulder envelope.

  2. Make the links from the spine to the thighs large enough to cover the buttocks. Make sure the links have a significant overlap with the thigh envelopes.

  3. Make the thigh envelopes large enough to encompass the buttocks area.

  4. Turn off the third link in the pelvis if you like. If you find the crotch area is not deforming correctly, try enlarging this envelope.