Transition Optimization Dialog

Motion Flow Mode > Motion Flow Graph > Select transitions in the graph window. > Optimize Transitions > Transition dialog

Options in the Transition Optimization dialog allow you to select the range over which the optimize algorithm will search for the transition. It can search either the whole clip, or it can search near the existing transition. If it searches the whole clip, you must specify the preferred length of the optimized transition. The software will try to get as close to that length as possible, still opting to give you the best length. If it searches about the existing transition, you must specify the number of frames about which it will search before and after the existing transition. Optimized transitions compute for minimum foot sliding over the range of the transition. This method yields very high quality results.


To use the Optimize Transition Range dialog

  1. Select transitions in the Motion Flow Graph.

  2. Click Optimize Selected Transitions.

  3. Enter a transition length.

  4. Click OK.

    Optimized transitions that use minimum foot sliding are computed.


Search Entire Clip: Search the entire clip for an optimized transition start frame.

Preferred Transition Length: Specify the length of the optimized transition.

Search Near Existing Transition: Create an optimized transition near the existing transition.

Search Range about Existing Transition

Before: Set a frame value to search before the existing transition.

After: Set a frame value to search after the existing transition.