Motion Flow Rollout

Select a biped > Motion panel > General rollout > Motion Flow Mode > Motion Flow rollout

The Motion Flow rollout displays when Motion Flow mode is turned on in the General rollout. Load and save motion flow editor files (.mfe), display the Motion Flow Graph and display the Shared Motion Flow dialog using controls on this rollout.


To load a .mfe file

  1. Select a biped.

  2. Open the Motion panel.

  3. Click Motion Flow mode on the General rollout.

  4. Click Load File on the Motion Flow rollout.

  5. Select a .mfe file.


Load File: Load a Motion Flow Editor file (.mfe). Motion Flow Editor files include:

A number of sample Motion Flow Editor files and new biped animations have been included with character studio. These files are located in the cstudio\scripts directory.

Tip: The location of the referenced .bip files is saved in the .mfe file. If the .bip file cannot be found, the program looks to the motion flow directory specified in plgcfg\biped.ini. By default, this setting is:


If a referenced .bip file cannot be found in its current location, you will need to move it to the specified Motion Flow directory. You can change the location of this directory at any time by editing your biped.ini file with a text editor. The new directory will be used the next time you restart 3D Studio MAX. You can also add multiple search paths to your biped.ini file by repeating the MoFloDir= line multiple times. The program will search the directories in the order they appear and will use the first instance of the file that it finds. When network rendering the filenames need to be UNC compatible.

If you load a .mfe file onto a biped using a shared motion flow, you will get a warning and the biped will be removed from the shared motion flow. The biped will get the newly loaded motion flow and all its scripts.

Append File: Append a .mfe file to the .mfe that is already loaded. Displays a load file dialog.

The appended graph will appear directly below the bottom of the existing graph in the graph window, so you may have to scroll down to see it.

Save File: Save a Motion Flow Editor file (.mfe).

Saving a .mfe file from a biped having a shared motion flow will save the motion flow and its scripts as if it were not shared. It will be a normal .mfe file.

Note: To save a script as a .bip file use Save Segment on the General rollout. You can also click Unified motion to have the scripted motion available when you exit Motion Flow mode.

Show Graph: Opens the Motion Flow Graph. The first step in script creation is to add clips to the Motion Flow Graph.

Shared Motion Flow: Displays the Shared Motion Flows dialog. Allows you to create, delete, and modify shared motion flows. Shared motion flows are used to animate one or more bipeds to simulate a crowd. If the current biped is using a shared motion flow then the icon has a white circle around it.