Introduction to character studio

character studio provides professional tools for building and animating 3D characters. It is an environment in which animators can quickly and easily build skeletons and then animate them, thus creating motion sequences. The animated skeletons are used to drive the movement of 3D Studio MAX geometry, thus creating virtual characters. Crowds of these characters can be generated using character studio, and animated using a system of delegates and procedural behaviors.

character studio consists of three plug-ins for 3D Studio MAX: Biped, Physique, and Crowd.

If you are new to 3D Studio MAX, read What You Should Know to Use character studio. and Understanding character studio Workflow.

If you are already a 3D Studio MAX user, proceed to Understanding Biped to continue.

To find out about Physique, read Understanding Physique.

To learn about the Crowd system, read Overview of Crowd Features.