Importing Motion Capture Data

In character studio, you can import both rotation and position type motion capture files.

Key reduction, track selection, footstep extraction, and clip looping are some of the options available using the Motion Capture import filter. Key reduction makes it easy to manipulate the biped and personalize the imported motion capture data. Extracting footsteps from motion capture data prevents inappropriate sliding feet, a common problem with motion capture data.

Typically you do not use an entire motion capture clip as is, unless you capture motions at a studio for your own production. You should become familiar with the body motion in the files you have, then use Motion Flow mode to cut portions of these files together to create animation. For example, take a stretch motion in one clip, and combine it with the walking motion in another clip. The edited script can then be saved as a .bip file using the Save Segment command on the General rollout. Load this .bip for standard motion editing. This provides a good starting place for you to edit the result to your liking.

All motion capture controls are on the Motion Capture rollout.