Shared Motion Flow Dialog

Select a biped > Motion panel > General rollout > Motion Flow Mode > Motion Flow rollout > Shared Motion Flow > Shared Motion Flow Dialog

Controls in the Shared Motion Flow dialog allow you to assign one motion flow to multiple bipeds. Rather than building a motion flow network of clips for each biped you can create a motion flow with all the clips and transitions to animate multiple bipeds. Random motion creation will use each bipeds' own motion flow. If a biped's motion flow happens to be a shared motion flow, then the shared motion flow will be used to compute random motion.

A biped that shares a motion flow shares only the graph. Its scripts are unique to that biped, although the scripts point to the clips of the shared motion flow. You can manipulate that biped's motion flow and scripts in the usual ways. You can create random motion on a biped that shares a motion flow, or create a motion flow script via the crowd system.

There are a few indicators in the user interface that show if a biped is using a shared motion flow. If it is, a white circle will surround the Shared Motion Flow icon when you edit that biped. If you edit that biped's motion flow graph, the title of the graph dialog will say "Shared Motion Flow Graph", followed by the name of the shared motion flow.

Bipeds in a shared motion flow should have the same lower body scale and structure. Adaptation for differently sized bipeds does not occur in a shared motion flow. If you want differently sized bipeds in a crowd, then create a shared motion flow for each size.

Tip: The only way to save a shared motion flow, along with the bipeds sharing it, and keep everything hooked up correctly is to save it all in a .max file.


To share a motion flow among multiple bipeds

  1. Turn on Motion Flow Mode.

  2. On the Motion Flow rollout click Shared Motion Flow.

    The Shared Motion Flows dialog displays.

  3. On the Shared Motion Flows dialog click New.

    A new shared motion flow is created.

  4. On the Shared Motion Flows dialog click Add.

  5. On the Select dialog choose the bipeds that will share the motion flow.

    The bipeds are added to the list. If you add clips to the motion flow graph they will be shared by the bipeds. If you create a random motion, all the bipeds will use the same motion flow graph.


Shared Motion Flows List: Lists shared motion flows.

New: Creates a new shared motion flow.

Delete: Deletes the current shared motion flow.

The scripts of the bipeds sharing the deleted motion flow will be deleted. Those bipeds will have an empty motion flow graph and no scripts.

Load .mfe: Displays a load file dialog. Load a .mfe file into the shared motion flow.

Note: If you load a .mfe file in the usual way via the Motion Flow rollup into a biped using a shared motion flow, you will get a warning and the biped will be removed from the shared motion flow. The biped will get the newly loaded motion flow and all its scripts. The shared motion flow will remain the same.

Bipeds Sharing this Motion Flow List: Lists bipeds that share this motion flow.

Add: Displays a dialog where you can choose bipeds to add.

Add bipeds to the list of bipeds that share a motion flow. When you add a biped, its current motion flow graph and motion flow scripts will be deleted. It will now have the shared motion flow graph. A biped can only share one motion flow graph. You must remove a biped from its shared motion flow in order to add it to a different shared motion flow.

Remove: Removes the selected biped(s) in the list from the current shared motion flow.

These bipeds' scripts will be deleted. They will have an empty motion flow graph.

Put Multiple Bipeds in Motion Flow: Put the bipeds in the list into Motion Flow Mode.

The crowd system needs Motion Flow Mode to be turned on to perform calculations for motion. This is a convenient way of turning on Motion Flow Mode for multiple bipeds.

Take Multiple Bipeds out of Motion Flow: Take the bipeds in the list out of Motion Flow Mode.

Set Shared Moflow Leg Scale: Adapts the shared motion flow to the scale of the biped currently selected in the list. After this operation, the selected biped will have the correct leg scale, although other bipeds may not.

Reset Wrong Scales: Just Legs: Reset the leg scale only of the bipeds who have the wrong scale, so that they adapt appropriately to the shared motion flow.

Reset Wrong Scales: Entire Figure: Resets the entire figure structure of the bipeds who have the wrong scale, to match the figure structure of the correctly scaled biped.

When you add the first biped to the shared motion flow, the system adapts to the size of that biped. If the leg scale of a biped you add subsequently doesn't match that of the first biped, it will be marked in the list with "wrong scale" after it.

All the bipeds you plan on using in a shared motion flow must have the same lower body structure and scale.