Floating Bones Rollout

Select an object with the Physique modifier. > Modify panel > Floating Bones rollout

Use splines, a bones hierarchy, or unattached bones to deform a mesh with controls in the Physique Floating Bones rollout. By animating spline vertices you can animate a mesh for example. Envelopes are created automatically for the selected splines or bones.


To have a spline influence a mesh

  1. Create a spline and place it within a mesh that has Physique applied.

  2. On the Floating Bones rollout click Add.

  3. Select the spline in the Select Bones dialog.

  4. Animate the spline vertices to animate the mesh.

    You can substitute the spline for 3DS MAX bones if you want to animate bones.


Add: Click Add and select splines or bones in the viewports.

Reset: Resets the initial position of splines or bones, vertices are reassigned but envelopes are left as is.

Delete: Select a spline or bone in the list window and click delete to delete it.