Delegate Helper Objects

Create panel > Helpers > Object Type rollout > Delegate

The Delegate helper object is a special object used in crowd animation. It serves as an agent for motion created by a Crowd object and its behaviors. The Crowd object controls a delegate or delegates, whose motion can then be imparted to a biped or other object. Delegates cannot be rendered.

The delegate object takes the shape of a pyramid. By default, the point of the pyramid indicates the forward direction.

The delegate object includes the following rollouts:

Also, you can set parameters for multiple delegates simultaneously, optionally with random variation, using the Crowd object's Edit Multiple Delegates dialog.


To add a delegate object

  1. Click in a viewport to set the delegate position, and then drag vertically to set the size.

  2. Release to finish.

    Tip: The delegate always points "up" in the viewport you add it in. So if you want it to point "forward," that is, toward the positive Y direction in the World coordinate system, then add it in the Top viewport.