Motion Panel

Once you have created a biped, use the Biped controls on the Motion panel to animate the biped, load and save Biped files, and fit the biped to a mesh representing your character.

Biped controls only appear on the Motion panel if any part of a biped is selected in the viewports. Create a biped if one does not exist. The Motion panel comprises the following rollouts:


To create a Named Selection for the biped center of mass

  1. Select the biped center of mass (diamond shaped object in the pelvis) in the viewports.

  2. Type a name in the Named Selection Sets field on the 3DS MAX toolbar.

  3. Click ENTER.

    Choose this selection if the biped is hidden and you want to view the biped and edit biped parameters on the Motion panel.

    Tip: Give the center of mass selection the same name as your character in the Named Selection Sets field, "John," for example. With multiple characters, you can quickly select the character you want to edit by choosing the character's name in the Named Selection Sets dropdown.