Sample Animations

The software ships with a collection of files to assist your learning and animation practice. Some of these files will be copied to your hard disk when you first install the software. Other files remain on the character studio Installation CD. You will need to load these from the CD when you want to use them.

The software ships with a set of sample characters, and a library of motion files. There are character FIG files, and MAX files as well. The footstep and freeform animations are available as BIP files, and the motion capture files are either BVH or CSM.

Directory Structure

When you first install character studio, the installer will create a Cstudio directory under your 3D Studio MAX root, which contains all the character and motion files, as well as the tutorial files.

Beneath Cstudio, you will find six sub-directories: Charactr, Motions, Docs, Images, Scripts and Tutorials.

Charactr has two subdirectories, Figures and Meshes. Here you find the 3D Studio geometry (.max) and the biped figure files (.fig)

Motions has three subdirectories, Footstep, Freeform and Motion Capture. Here you will find motion files that can be used to animate the biped characters. For a description of these files, see Motion Library.

Tutorials directory has subdirectories for each of the online tutorials. Go to the appropriate tutorial subdirectory to find all the files needed for a particular tutorial.

Sample Files

Some of the features and parameter settings are best explained by viewing sample animation. The character studio CD contains a directory of AVI files that demonstrate some of these features. The scene files used to generate the animation are also included on the CD so you can experiment with changing the settings, see the movement from other views, and so on.


To play a sample AVI files

  1. Place the character studio CD-ROM in the drive.

  2. From this page, click the help topic you're interested in and note the name of the sample AVI file.

  3. Start the Windows Media Player (or select View File from within 3DS MAX).

  4. Navigate to the cstudio\samples folder and open the AVI file.

Note: The 3DS MAX file used to generate the animation is also included on the CD-ROM so you can experiment with changing the settings, see the movement from other views, and so on.