Crowd Behaviors Overview

Create panel > Helpers > Object Type rollout > Crowd > Setup rollout > New button
Select a Crowd object. > Modify panel > Setup rollout > New button

Behaviors let you assign procedural activity types to delegates and objects linked to delegates. You can associate any number of behaviors with each Crowd object, and then link delegates and teams of delegates to each behavior. A specific behavior assigned to a Crowd object belongs only to that crowd; it cannot be assigned to any other crowds.

Tip: character studio gives generic names to behaviors. It's a good idea to rename them with more evocative descriptors; for example, "Seek Grail" or "Avoid Obfuscation".

Note: Certain behaviors, such as Seek and Avoid, let you specify "target" objects. You must specify these from the Modify panel; the button to do so is unavailable in the Create panel.

Following is a list of available behaviors:

The first time you add a behavior to the scene, a new rollout appears for the behavior below the Setup rollout. This rollout lets you change settings for the behavior. To display the rollout for a different behavior in the scene, choose it from the list below the Convert to MAXScript button. To see the controls available in the rollout for a behavior type, follow the link from its entry in the above list.

Note: In addition to the controls available in behavior rollouts, you can use the Behavior Assignments and Teams dialog to turn behaviors on and off (with the Active check box), and for all behaviors except Avoid, Orientation, and Surface Follow, you can set and animate Weight. The Active status is animatable for all behaviors.