Creating a Crowd System

The following is a basic procedure for creating and using a crowd system:

  1. Add a Crowd helper object.

  2. Add a Delegate helper object.

    This is a prototype for your crowd; a representative member.

  3. Set appropriate speed and turning limits for the delegate.

    This is analogous to defining how a particular animal moves. Is it a bird, a fish, or a slug?

  4. Use Crowd's Scatter Objects to create multiple clones of the delegate and distribute them within a volume or over a surface.

  5. Use the Crowd object to add one or more behaviors.

  6. Modify the behavior's default settings to be appropriate for the members of your crowd.

  7. For situation-dependent (dynamic) simulations, create one or more cognitive controllers.

  8. Assign the behaviors and/or cognitive controllers to the delegates.

  9. Test and refine the simulation.

    This is an iterative process. You may have to modify the delegate and/or behavior parameters a number of times before you get the simulation you want.

  10. Assign bipeds and/or other animated objects to the delegates.

  11. Test and refine the simulation.

  12. Add lights, cameras, other objects and effects as necessary and render the animation.

You can find further information and detailed procedures in Crowd Helper Object. Also, be sure to try the crowd tutorials.