Sliding Footsteps

Changing biped foot key parameters enables the biped feet to move or slide during a footstep period. This feature is also available for motion capture file import to allow the biped feet to slide or pivot. Sliding footsteps display with a line through the middle of the footstep in the viewports.

Use this feature in a dance motion where the character pivots on the balls of its feet or if the character is standing or walking on rocky terrain and its toes must curl down for grip, or if a character's feet must skid.

A sliding key is created by using the Set Sliding Key button in the IK Key Info rollout. This turns off Join to Previous IK Key allowing the footstep to be positioned anywhere.

On a sliding footstep the biped foot can be placed anywhere relative to the footstep gizmo.

Motion Capture Import

Enable this feature automatically when importing motion capture data using the Sliding Tolerance and Sliding Angle controls in the Motion Capture Conversion Parameters dialog.


To enable foot motion on a footstep

  1. Select a biped foot.

  2. On the IK Key Info rollout, click the Next Key and Previous Key buttons to locate a biped foot key for the footstep you want to change.

  3. When you've located a footstep key, click Set Sliding Key in the IK Key Info rollout.

  4. You are now able to rotate and position the biped foot during the footstep.

    The footstep has a line through the middle of it indicating a sliding footstep.