Tutorial 7: Skinning with Physique

Lesson 2: Applying and Adjusting the Physique Modifier

The next step is to apply the Physique modifier. Leave Figure mode turned on when you apply the Physique modifier.

Tip: It is best to decide on structural details before using the Physique modifier to attach a mesh to the biped. To change the scale or structure of the biped after Physique is applied you must reinitialize in Physique to account for changes to the biped scale and structure.


Applying Physique

The biped should already be in Figure mode.

  1. Select the character mesh in the viewports.

  2. On the Modify panel, on the Modifiers rollout, click More.

    The Modifiers dialog displays.

  3. Choose Physique from the list of modifiers and click OK.

  4. Maximize the Front Viewport.

  5. Zoom into the pelvis area.

  6. On the Modify panel, on the Physique rollout, click Attach to Node.

  7. When the cursor is positioned over the pelvis, a white cross appears. Click the pelvis object.

    The Physique Initialization dialog is displayed.

    NOTE: The biped's pelvis object is displayed as a pale orange horizontal rectangle. If you accidentally pick the center of mass the software will automatically pick the pelvis.

  8. On the Vertex-Link Assignment rollout in the Initialization dialog, check that the following default options are selected:

  9. Click Initialize at the bottom of the dialog.

    After a pause, a series of orange Physique links appear. These links make up the Physique Deformation Spline. Each link has an associated envelope that influences the vertices on the mesh to closely follow the biped skeleton. The mesh is now attached to the biped.

  10. Save your work as a .max file.

In the next lesson, you will work on fine-tuning envelopes so the vertices deform in a predictable manner.